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Old Phones - Collector's Discount Resource

Old phones are now being considered Investments - and for good reasons too!

America's early telephone heritage was largely ignored by collectors up until the early 1960s. Old phones were just discarded as "old-fashioned" and forgotten. But that is not the case anymore. Today, old telephones are one of the hottest collectibles going, and here is why:

  • PRODUCTION - With the exception of "reproductions"; antique crank and rotary phones are no longer being manufactured.
  • RARITY - Old phones were burned, crushed, and buried. The phone company's policy was to destroy old phones no longer in use. This is precisely why they so rare today. Those that still survive, in any condition, are hard to find.
  • ROMANCE - Collectors find the allure and romance of vintage telephones fascinating. With cell phones and iphones being such a large part of today's busy lifestyle, many people are seeking a connection with the simpler rotary and crank heritage of vintage phones.
  • INVESTMENT - Even with the increasing awareness for the value of vintage telephones, they are still highly undervalued today -- and knowledgeable collectors know it!

Perhaps you should invest in some yourself -- you'll be glad you did!

The 'OLD PHONE' is a collector's discount resource portal for finding:

1. Current auctions for ROTARY PHONES.
2. Current auctions for CANDLESTICK PHONES.
3. Current auctions for CRANK PHONES.
4. Current auctions for PAY PHONES.
5. PARTS, TOOLS and ACCESSORIES auctions for old phones.
6. Vintage phone collector's BOOKS and PRICE GUIDES

The DISCOUNT AUCTIONS section has a selection of "live" and "buy it now" listings from eBay - the largest and most active old phones market place in the world. Click below to go to the auction of your choice.

old phone rotary click candlestick phones auction click crank phones auctions click

pay phone auctions clickold phone parts and tools click old phone collector's books and guides click

The 'OLD PHONE' provides high quality information about old phones.

As well as currently running auctions, our old phone LIBRARY is dedicated to providing authoritative articles for enthusiast of Vintage phone collecting. Articles now in the library are:

1. 5 Reasons you should collect old phones.
2. Know the old phone basic models.
3. What is your old phone worth?
4. Here are 10 Most Wanted old phones.
5. Collecting Vintage Candlestick Phones.
6. Collecting all the Princess Phone colors.
7. Build a Phone collecting Library.

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